Séminaire Iacopo Carusotto

Celundi 21 novembre a eu lieu le séminaire de Iacopo Carusotto a présenté ses recherches sur Excitations et dynamique des fluides Hall quantiques fractionnaires de la lumière (et des atomes)

Pour revoir ce séminaire, ça se passe sur YouYube.

 Excitations and dynamics of fractional quantum Hall fluids of light (and of atoms) 

 In this talk I will give an interdisciplinary review of the on-going theoretical and experimental research on strongly correlated fluids of light and of its connections to related work with ultracold atoms. 

In the presence of a finite effective mass due to light confinement and binary interactions mediated by the optical nonlinearity of the material medium, an assembly of photons behave as a fluid of particles and displays intriguing collective hydrodynamic phenomena. Here I will concentrate on the regime of strong optical nonlinearities in the presence of synthetic gauge field for light, where optical analogs of quantum Hall effects can be observed. 

After a general introduction, the first part of the talk will be devoted to the presentation of different schemes that exploit the intrinsic driven-dissipative nature of fluids of light to stabilize strongly correlated states such as Mott insulators or fractional quantum Hall liquids. After a brief review of the collective excitations across the non-equilibrium superfluid/insulator transition, I will then proceed with discussing observable signatures of the anyonic statistics of quasi-hole excitations in fractional quantum Hall fluids. I will conclude with an overview of on-going studies of the linear and non-linear dynamics of edge excitations and their description in terms of a generalized chiral Luttinger liquid. 

  • Date : 21/11/2022
  • Heure : 11:00 - 12:00 (UTC)
  • Lieu en mode hybride

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