The RQMP joined COPL, CQMF, INTRIQ, ReSMIQ, and STARaCom to set up a grant for unifying inter-grouping projects. The objective of this program is to form research teams of at least 2 researchers affiliated with several strategic groups to set up a collaborative research project. Indeed, the members of these strategic groupings have complementary expertise which, when bringing together, could resolve scientific challenges. Projects must involve at least two researchers from two different groups, with no maximum limit, with as many collaborators and industrial partners as necessary. Each principal investigator will receive $5,000, or a minimum of $10,000 per collaborative project (more if there are more than 2 principal investigators). All projects will be evaluated, both applied and fundamental projects.

All details are in the description

The application form must be submitted before October 2 to the drop box.

Do not hesitate to contact for any questions.