The RQMP is proud to support the Inside Quantum Technology Canada event!

The INTRIQ strategic network organizes the very first Canadian edition of IQT, in collaboration with the governments of Canada and Quebec.

IQT Canada will take place at the Center Mont-Royal in Montreal from June 20 to 22, 2023.

Inside Quantum Technology is the largest conference aimed at commercializing quantum technologies. It has taken place many times in the United States and Europe, but this will be the first edition in Canada.

This event is Canada’s Quantum Computing Event, focusing on Ecosystems for Quantum Readiness. A number of vertical topics encompassing more than 30 panels and talks from over 80 speakers will provide attendees with a deep understanding on state-of-the-art developments of the future quantum ecosystems as well as the current impact of quantum computing technologies.

The conference brings together corporate management, entrepreneurs, end users, technology providers, infrastructure partners, researchers and investors who are working on the current future developments of the quantum ecosystem. IQT Canada is organized by 3DR Holdings, IQT Research, INTRIQ, and the Governments of both Canada and Quebec. The June conference will be an “in-person” event to ensure maximum networking and discussion and will take place at Centre Mont-Royal in Montréal (Québec), Canada.


Preliminary agenda:

Day 1, June 20th — Quantum Showcase in Canada

  • Session 1: National Strategy and Federal Initiatives
  • Session 2: Overview of Canadian Ecosystem
  • Session 3: Provincial Programs, Investments and Initiatives

Day 2, June 21st — Ecosystems for Quantum Readiness

  • Session 1: Quantum Computers: QPUs, Software and Full-Stacks
  • Session 2: Quantum Cryptography, Post-Quantum Cryptography and National Security
  • Session 3: Quantum Communications: Towards a Quantum Internet

Day 3, June 22nd — Ecosystems for Quantum Readiness

  • Session 1: Sensors: The Next Hot Area for Quantum Technology?
  • Session 2: Quantum Systems Manufacturing
  • Session 3: Workforce and Educational Challenges for the Quantum Technology Era

June 23, Guided Tour (9:30am – 2:00pm): HPC and Quantum Computing Infrastructures at Calcul Québec and Anyon Systems


You will find more information on the conference website as well as the link to register