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Understanding the policy note as a communication and decision support tool


Have you always wanted to understand how our decision-makers choose which path to take in resolving major transition issues? The policy note is a simple and clear knowledge transfer tool that research can use to issue analyzes and recommendations on a specific societal issue or problem. We are pleased to invite you to our next workshop Sustainable materials and processes for the energy transition: Understanding the policy note as a communication and decision support tool. This workshop aims to equip participants with the basic knowledge and skills to create effective and inclusive policy briefs allowing, who knows, to influence our decision-makers!

During this collaborative morning, participants will have the opportunity to:

1) Understand the policy note tool and its usefulness

2) Understand notions of complexity in the transition and the tools at our disposal to resolve them, in particular:

a- The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

b- Eco-responsibility in research

c- Systemic thinking

3) Work as a team on a political note concerning critical materials and the battery sector in the energy transition


Time Activity
8h50 – 9h Welcoming participants
9h – 9h50 Understanding a political note
9h50 – 10h Break
10h – 10h30 Systemic approaches: SDGs and eco-responsibility in research
10h30 – 12h Policy note writing workshop
12h – 13h Pizzas lunch
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