For a healthy working environment

The values of equity diversity inclusion are important within the RQMP. To ensure fairness between all members and a healthy working environment, the EDI committee is the spokesperson for the members on this subject. Their mandate is to organize social and training activities according to the needs of members.

On this page you will find several links to EDI resources, the help offices of each of the RQMP universities. Do not hesitate to consult them.



Professional representative – University of Sherbrooke

Professor representative – University of Sherbrooke

Student representative – University of Montreal

Professor representative – University of Montreal

Représentant professeur – Université McGill

Ressources for all

Ressources for supervisors

Ressources for students

At Sherbrooke University

At Montréal University

  • Support service for students at the University of Montreal with numerous programs: Welcoming new students, financial support, French courses, career advice, medical and psychological clinic, housing, study-work program, support for the foreign community, situation disability, etc.
  • EDI help request form

At Polytechnique Montréal

At McGill

Details of all the resources offered by McGill University can be found on this page